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The appreciation for Gerd Müller, his enthusiasm for FC Bayern and the respect for his life's work became more than clear this year.  

His death affected countless people who feel connected to him. The global sympathy, so far unknown to us, shows how many hearts Gerd Müller has conquered.  

His achievements will not be forgotten and are firmly anchored in the history of FC Bayern.  

Together with you we want to create something very special for the unique Gerd Müller - the first memorial for a FC Bayern player in Munich! For Gerd Müller - on the esplanade right in front of the arena!

So that he shines in front of tens of thousands of fans and members of FC Bayern at every home game, his shadow has a positive effect on the present day, countless souvenir photos are taken with Gerd Müller and his life's work and his values are passed on over the next generations!  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Müller family and FC Bayern for the trust and support they have shown in us! 

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On a pedestal directly on the esplanade just before the stadium entrance, Gerd Müller should shine in bronze 1.5 times life size - and of course in his incomparable cheer, with which he always celebrated his goals!  

Sketch monument 
Site monument 
Photo selection cheering pose  


The artist Karel Fron, with whom we already worked on the Kurt Landauer monument, has already started work. Due to the scope of the project, we expect a total duration of around 1.5 years. 

Of course, we will inform you here transparently about the progress of the project.


Gerd Müller enchanted us with his goals, always stayed on the ground and, in addition to countless happy smiles, also ensured that there were new fans of FC Bayern and that they passed their passion on to the next generation of fans. With this monument project - together with all fans of FC Bayern - we want to give something great back to Gerd Müller as a thank you.  

We cannot yet predict this down to the last euro; based on previous experience and projections, we are reckoning with costs of around 150,000 euros.  


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Everyone is asked: fans, members, fan clubs - whether from the south curve, from the main stand or from home: 

You can donate via PayPal link or via bank transfer. We would be very happy to receive collective transfers from fan clubs!

Donation receipts can be issued from an amount of 200 euros, please state the full address in the purpose.  

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