You can support us primarily if you take part in our campaigns, come to our events, tell your friends about us and our campaigns and internalize and live Kurt Landauer and his values.

Since we also need money for our work, we are dependent on your donations. As a non-profit association, we have the opportunity to issue donation receipts that you can deduct from your tax. Please contact us after the donation at  spenden@kurt-landauer-stiftung.de  and include your name, address and date of birth if you need a donation receipt. For donations of up to 200 euros, the transfer receipt from your bank is sufficient for the tax office. We always send out the donation receipts at the beginning of January with the total amount of all donations made by the donor in the previous year.  Here you can send us a donation in the following ways:

By bank transfer (or Sepa direct debit mandate):

Kurt Landauer Foundation eV

Münchner Bank eG

IBAN: DE36 7019 0000 0002 1837 49


Or very conveniently via
  Paypal :

In addition to the donations, which always flow 100% into our projects, we also regularly offer various sales items. With every purchase you also support our foundation work, into which the entire proceeds flow.

We have launched a series of autograph cards from former players, with a new card released every month. More than 80 former players have already supported us in this regard. Furthermore, in cooperation with the traditional brand Palme, we produce retro jerseys, high quality and cut according to original samples. With the Kurt! Magazine, we have created our own print medium in which we illuminate various topics in-depth. Beer friends can look forward to new glasses on a regular basis, often as a set with various specials.

You can find the items in our Ebay Shop

Join the friends of the Kurt Landauer Foundation!

The FRIENDS OF THE KURT LANDAUER FOUNDATION is a support group that enables the statutory activities of the charitable association Kurt Landauer Stiftung eV through regular donations and is regularly informed about this activity. This is not a membership in the registered association Kurt Landauer Stiftung.

Our fully voluntary work is only possible through these donations - 100% of the money goes into our projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal friends, you give our work a decisive impetus!

We achieve our goals through the following projects, among others:

  • Assumption of the costs for the grave and grave maintenance e.g. with Kurt Landauer or Maria Meissner.

  • Erecting a statue for Kurt Landauer on Säbener Strasse.

  • Attachment of memorial plaques at places that are important for the club, such as the first soccer field on Clemensstrasse.

  • Wreaths on the graves of personalities from the club's history on birthdays and deaths.

  • Detailed reports about the club's history in our media such as our Facebook page.

  • Issue of a series of autograph cards for earned former players.

  • Support of social projects like buntkicktgut.

It's that easy:

If you too would like to join our circle of friends and supporters, simply send us the completed registration form by email or letter. Donations of 30 euros a year help us with our work.



  • You decide how high your funding should be.

  • You can change your contribution or cancel your sponsoring membership at any time.

  • You will receive a membership card every year.

  • You regularly receive an exclusive special item.

  • You get  a right of first refusal on our sales items.

  • You will be invited to the events of the Kurt Landauer Foundation.

  • Your donation is tax deductible, you will receive a donation receipt.